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Baby & Children Crochet Patterns
1954 Elfin Baby Shoes
1954 Elfin Baby Shoes Crochet Pattern.
1944 Baby Tiny Soft
1950's Baby Sandals
1950's Baby Sandals Crochet Pattern. Quick and easy to make. Patterned after ancient Roman footwear, these sandals are as easy for baby to wear as they are for you to crochet.
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1920's Baby Boots
1950 Double-Strap
1920's Baby Boots Crochet Pattern.
1950 Double-Strap Booties Crochet Pattern.
1953 Infant's Booties
1948 Lacy Booties
1952 Duck Slipers
1950's Loopstitch Baby Booties Crochet Pattern. These pretty booties are quick and easily made.
1953 Infant's Booties Crochet Pattern. Here's a cute pair of booties to make for the favorite baby in your family. The foot is made in single and double crochet; the upper portion in knot stitch.
1948 Lacy Baby Booties Crochet Pattern.
1952 Child's Duck Slippers Crochet Pattern. Size: Child’s size, small (7-8˝).
1950's Loopstitch Booties
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1944 Baby Tiny Soft Shoes Crochet Pattern.
1952 Floral Baby Girl Set Crochet Patterns: Sacque, Cap, Mittens, Booties and Carriage Cover.
1952 Floral Baby Girl Set
1952 Orchid Baby Set Crochet Patterns: Cap, Sacque and Bootees. Infant Size
1952 Orquid Baby Set
1920 Baby Set Irish Crochet Patterns: yoke, bonnet and booties.
1920 Irish Crochet Set
1948 Lacy Dress-Up Set Crochet Patterns: sacque, cap and booties. Infant size.
1948 Lacy Dress-Up Set
1943 Vintage Strap Shoes, Mittens and Bottle Cover Crochet Patterns
1943 Strap Shoes, Mittens & Bottle Cover
1956 Shell Stitch Infant's Set Crochet Patterns: sacque, bonnet and booties.
1956 Shell Stitch Infant's Set