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Women Crochet Patterns
1946 Pineapple Apron
1946 Pineapple Design Apron Crochet Pattern. This daintiest of crocheted aprons combines lacy panels with an edging of the ever popular pineapples. It is particularly beautiful if made in white with a delicate pastel edging, and worn over a dark dress.
1947 Polka Dot Apron
1947 Polka Dot Apron Crochet Pattern.
1950 Dish Cloth Floral Apron
1950 Dish Cloth Floral Apron Crochet Pattern. made from a mesh dish cloth and trimmed with crocheted colorful flowers.
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1945 Lacy Apron Crochet Pattern
1945 Lacy Apron
1944 Pineapple Apron and Tea Cozy Set Crochet Patterns. A matching pair in your favourite crochet design makes a perfect gift for that new bride who plans for gracious entertaining ...
1944 Pineapple Apron
and Tea Cozy Set
1952 Lacy Apron Crochet Pattern
1952 Lacy Apron
1944 Bib Apron Crochet Pattern.
1944 Bib Apron