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Women Crochet Patterns
1920's Bag in Reticella Crochet
1920's Bag in Reticella Crochet Pattern
1913 Irish Crochet Bag
1913 Bridal Bag Crochet Pattern. If one wishes to make an attractive bag in Irish Crochet, nothing can be prettier than a pattern in which the roll stitch appears ... Wedding bag. Bride
1921 Filet Crochet Bag
1921 Bridal Bag Filet Crochet Pattern.
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1913 Shamrock Bag
1911 Black Bag
1913 Shamrock Bag Crochet Pattern. The shamrock bag shows a pattern very different from the usual crocheted bags. The top is left open, thus forming a triangular-shaped design in place of the common round or square ones. Crocheted handles are made instead of the draw strings which are generally used for carrying the bag ...
1911 Black Bag with Beaded Fringe Crochet Pattern. This should be worked in black or coloured silk and is very suitable for holding a handkerchief or purse.
1952 Lantern Bag
1952 Lantern Bag Crochet Pattern. One can never have too many purses and you will especially want to make one of these brand new lantern bags. Light or dark colors can be combined as desired or make all one color with the draw string in contrast.
1911 Ribbon Threaded Bag Crochet Pattern.
1911 Ribbon Threaded
1947 Beaded Evening Bag Crochet Pattern. Opera Handbag.
1947 Beaded Evening Bag
1921 Bridal Handbag Crochet Pattern. A bag of quite unusual design is made of No. 8 perle crochet-cotton, and, in that thread, is six and one-half inches wide and eight inches deep. It may be easily made larger, if desired, and a coarser thread may be used ...
1921 Bridal Handbag
1946 Glamorous Motif Purse Crochet Pattern. This glamorous purse is made up of 80 easy made motifs.
1946 Glamorous Motif Purse
1888 Beaded Miser Purse Crochet Pattern
1988 Beaded Miser Purse
1945 Elegant Handbag Crochet Pattern
1945 Elegant Handbag
1915 Wrist-Bag
1915 Wrist-Bag Crochet Pattern. A pretty bag, to hang on the left wrist and hold the ball or spool of wool or cotton when one is knitting or crocheting, has come to be considered quite an essential adjunct of the needleworker’s outfit, and such a gift is very sure to be well liked.
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1950 Floral Hat and Bag Set Crochet Patterns. A small round basket, 6 inches in diameter is needed as base for the bag.
1950 Floral Hat and Bag Set
1947 Carry-All Shopping Bag Crochet Pattern
1947 Carry-All Shopping Bag