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Women Crochet Patterns
1951 Lacy Shawl in Shell Stitch
1951 Lacy Shawl in Shell Stitch Crochet Pattern. Size: Approx. 39 ins. in diameter.
1933 Lacy Circular Shawl
1933 Lacy Circular Shawl Antique Crochet Pattern.
1902 Circular Shawl
1902 Circular Shawl Crochet Pattern. Circular shawls cannot be said to be new, but they are certainly as popular as ever, and working instructions will be welcome, if we may judge from the many inquiries which have been received. Florence Shetland Silk Floss was used, and while it costs more than wool it makes a much handsomer shawl ...
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1863 Pelerine Cloak
1908 Pelerine Shawl
1863 Pelerine Cloak Crochet Pattern. This cloak is worked in Afghan stitch, with needle No. 3. The upper part is of blue, and the points of chinchilla zephyr ...
1908 Pelerine Shawl Antique Crochet Pattern.
1953 Lacy Circular Shawl
1870 Afghan Crochet Cloak
1908 Evening Cloak
1954 Cape with Collar Vintage Crochet Pattern.
1953 Lacy Circular Shawl Vintage Crochet Pattern. Opera Shawl. Bride Shawl.
1870 Victorian Cloak Afghan Crochet Pattern.
1908 Evening Cloak Crochet Pattern. Long Cape. This most comfortable, well-fitting and pretty crocheted Cloak has the effect, if well and carefully worked, of a rich embossed material. The border is knitted in 2 shades, using a ball of each shade together.
1916 Lacy Cape Antique Crochet Pattern.
1954 Cape with Collar
1911 Circular Shoulder Cape Antique Crochet Pattern.
1911 Circular Shoulder Cape
1887 Lady's Shoulder Cape
1916 Square Shawl
1950's Butterfly Stole
1916 Yoke Cape
1916 Lacy Cape
1916 Yoke Cape Antique Crochet Pattern
1887 Lady's Shoulder Cape Crochet Pattern.
1916 Square Shawl Crochet Pattern.
1950's Butterfly Stole Vintage Crochet Pattern.
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