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Women Crochet Patterns
1939 Romantic Lacy Long Dress
1939 Romantic Lacy Dress Crochet Pattern. Bridal Dress. As romantic as the new moon - this lacy frock with moulded bodice and a skirt that swings out to yards of waltzing width. The shoulderline drops demurely to reveal a glimpse of shoulders. Size 16.
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1939 Elegant Lacy Dress Crochet Pattern. A superbly simple gown of fluid grace, shoulders slightly exaggerated to slenderize the silhouette, soft fullness above the waist, the skirt rapier-slim. Size 18.
1939 Elegant  Lacy Dress
1939 Chic Lacy Dress Crochet Pattern. Wear fashion on your sleeve, for this frock boasts of the shirred stitch that looks so smart . . . the frock has a classic chic that will see you smartly through the day. Size 16.
1939 Chic  Lacy Dress