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Women Crochet Patterns
1950 Lacy Bridal Gloves
1950 Lacy Bridal Gloves Crochet Pattern. Size: 6˝.
1951 Bridal Butterfly Gloves
1951 Bridal Butterfly Gloves Crochet Pattern. Wedding Gloves. Sizes: small, medium and large.
1948 Lacy Mitts
1948 Lacy Mitts Crochet Pattern. Gothic. These lovely, lacy mitts are simple and easy to make. The original pair was made of white mercerized crochet thread size 30; but colors or even black would be very pretty. They require such a small amount of thread and so little effort that you may wish to make several pairs in different colors.
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1947 Evening Mitts
1955 Two-Toned Gloves
1947 Evening Mitts Crochet Pattern.
1955 Two-Toned Gloves Crochet Pattern. Sizes: Medium and Large.
1938 Lacy Gauntlets
1938 Lacy Gauntlets Crochet Pattern. Size: Medium.